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Aerospace Division

Commercial Aviation :

  • Airbus: A320/NEO, A330/NEO, A340, A380, A350
  • ATR: ATR42, ATR72
  • Bombardier: C-SERIES-100, C-SERIES-300
  • Embraer: E170, E190, ERJ145
  • Mitsubishi: MRJ 90

Military Aviation :

  • Airbus Defence & Space: A400M, C295
  • Dassault Aviation: MIRAGE 2000, RAFALE

Business Aviation & VIP :

  • Bombardier: G5000/6000, G7000/8000, LEARJET85, CHALLENGER 650
  • Dassault Aviation: FALCON 8X, FALCON 7X, FALCON 5X, FALCON 2000
  • Embraer: LEGACY 450/500, LINEAGE 1000
  • Gulfstream: G500, G600

aerospace division

Transversal activities affect all parts of the aircraft:



  • Configuration Management
  • Check of Drawing set
  • Testing machine
  • Concession analysis
Copy of the cockpit

Copy of the cockpit



  • Satellites and Equipments

Simulation Division

Instruction and Training simulator
Instruction and Training simulator (Tram/train/Airport traffic)
Synthetic environments
Synthetic environments
Synthetic environments

Vehicle Division

Military vehicle to fight against IED
Military vehicle to fight against IED
14th July Military Parade
Vehicle for radioactive waste transports
Multi tasking drone